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The Culture of Sharing: Creating Content that Spreads

Ever since the days of sack lunches and coloring books, sharing has always been a popular societal norm between people. And, nowadays, people share everything…online! From selfies to news articles and from memes to food photos, information is shared constantly, spreading like wildfire. As a society, we love sharing—it provides a glimpse into different lifestyles,… Read more »

Preparing your Online Shopping Cart for the Holidays

Shopping online during the holidays has become a popular and resourceful way to skip the long-lin es, avoid jam-packed parking lots and evade large crowds. So popular, the concept has developed into a profitable holiday phenomenon for online retailers called “Cyber Monday,” an online version of Black Friday.

The Surprising Truth about Mobile Website Design

If you’ve been looking for the best way to reach your target audience online, no doubt you’ve run across information about the importance of mobile website design. You’ve probably come across stats, like this: More than 1.2 billion people access the web from a mobile device (Trinity Digital Marketing) 58% of people in the US… Read more »

Justin Bieber to Overtake Lady Gaga for Most Twitter Followers: Who Cares?

CNN (and numerous other news sources) reported that Justin Bieber will soon overtake Lady Gaga as Twitter’s leading account. As the Biebs inches ever closer to ultimate Twitter rule, we have to wonder: who really cares? While seemingly just another insignificant indicator of “success,” a large Twitter following is actually more than just a cool… Read more »

Can you do a Barrel Roll?

Can you do a barrel roll? How much do you love Easter egg hunts? Did you know Google likes to play clever pranks on you? Hidden beneath the surface of programming, there lay little jokes called “Easter eggs.” Have no idea what we’re talking about? Open a new tab (in Firefox or Google Chrome), go… Read more »

Online Marketing Budgets Just Keep Growing—Is Yours?

While advertising budgets worldwide will experience steady if unspectacular growth for the next several years, a new study suggests that online advertising will see double-digit growth every year through 2015. The increase in online advertising will be even stronger in the United States, and will continue to make up a bigger and bigger portion of… Read more »

The ‘Like’ Button: Consumers Really Like It, They Really Do

A recent study by City Grid Media reports that consumers are more likely to show their support for a business by clicking the ‘like’ button than filling out an online review. We Want to ‘Like’ You According to the study, 40% of people under the age of 35 will ‘like’ a business compared to only… Read more »

Go Where the People Are

Are you a marketing professional? Have you thought about the value of social media websites have in developing your marketing strategies? If not, you need to. Here’s why: an article by eMarketer revealed that every form of media lost percentage points in terms of users except for mobile devices and the Internet. The Internet continues… Read more »