How Businesses Can Support Each Other After COVID-19

It’s an unprecedented time we’re living in. People all over the world are acclimating to a very different society, one where conditions change on a daily, and sometimes hourly, basis.

Business owners are particularly hard hit during this time. It’s stressful not being able to earn a living to support you and your family. It’s also worrisome; the business you worked so hard to build up may be in jeopardy, through no fault of your own.

So, what can be done? Now is the time for business owners to look to each other for support and guidance. Just like people all over the world are showing extreme heroism and courage in the face of this pandemic, business owners can also exhibit the same. There are steps we can all take now and when stay at home orders are lifted to ensure all businesses stand a fighting chance.

Collaborate With Community Business Groups

During the course of running your business, you’ve probably accumulated a lot of wisdom. Not only can this wisdom be applied to your own practices and collaboration, it can also help others on their specific journeys. Joining a community business owners group allows you to impart wisdom you’ve gained, while also benefitting from the wisdom of other business owners. Many are joining up online or social media, which provides easy access to questions and answers about meeting daily needs. And when businesses are permitted to reopen in the coming months, these groups will continue to provide essential resources and information.

Share Tools & Resources With Those in Need

It’s amazing how people have come together during this difficult time to help those around them. This trend of altruism can extend well into the future and may be particularly helpful when businesses begin to re-open. For example, if you have a surplus of a specific item, consider making a donation to a fellow business owner. This could be anything from office supplies, cleaning products, items of clothing, bottled water, or anything else that may prove useful. You can also consider volunteering your time to others. Some businesses will be understaffed when it comes time to re-open, and you or your staff may be able to lend a hand.

Support Local, Homegrown Businesses Whenever Possible

While it may be hard to fathom, things will get better. When that time comes, consumers will be eager to do all the things they loved once again, from dining at their favorite restaurants to shopping for clothing and other items. While you’re a business owner, you’re also a consumer, and where you spend your money makes a difference. When businesses re-open, direct your money towards those local, homegrown businesses established by people living within your community. These businesses face the greatest risk, since they lack the resources that large, multi-national corporations possess.

Supporting each other is about more than staving off financial uncertainty. It also shows the deep care and concern people have for those around them. From consumers to business owners, we’re all in this together.