The Internet is always changing. In order to stay competitive online, you need a website that can keep up with the times – and to accomplish that, you need routine monitoring and maintenance. At, we have team members dedicated to exactly this. We handle your website analysis and provide you with monthly reports, letting you know what’s going on with your site and helping you make the necessary changes to boost your website’s traffic rankings if they start to drop.


Why Website Traffic Rankings Change Over Time

Search engines are constantly trying to improve the user’s experience, and websites must adapt to keep up. Google in particular leads the way in search engine technology. A few years ago, keyword targeting was one of the most important components of SEO. Today, keywords are still important, but they’re just part of the equation – things like the quality of the site’s content and the way it uses links can also have a huge effect on the site’s rank.

Other factors can affect a site’s website traffic rankings and performance as well. For example, the keywords that people use when searching for things today are not necessarily what they’ll be using months from now. A site could be perfectly optimized for today’s keyword targeting will perform poorly when the trends change.


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Ongoing Maintenance Services knows that a “set it and forget it” style of search engine optimization is never effective. That’s why we have a dedicated team committed to ongoing website analysis, reviewing your website’s traffic rankings and identifying trends in its performance. If your site stops performing, we’ll make the necessary changes – from modifying the keywords to adjusting the underlying SEO tactics – until it reaches a high rank once again.

Maintaining and monitoring a high-performing website takes time and dedication. You don’t have to worry about handling it on your own. Let our experienced team do the monthly maintenance so that you can focus on the rest of your business!

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