Hacking threats can compromise end users’ private data. To prevent navigating users to sites that may put privacy and security at risk, search engines prefer websites that have bolstered their security. Currently, secure sockets layer (SSL) is the industry-standard protocol by which websites can protect users’ data.

About SSL’s

SSL allows a user’s browser to create an encrypted link with a website. An encrypted link keeps any data that passes between the user’s device and the website—like usernames, passwords and credit card information entered on an ecommerce platform—hidden from malicious spyware.


Implementation of SSL requires that a website apply for an SSL certificate, a virtual credential. The certification process entails the creation of public and private keys and the validation of website, company and/or individual information provided on the application.


When the process is complete and a site is issued an SSL certificate, users know they are on a secure site by either the https:// and/or a lock icon before the domain name in the address bar. However, the entire process of establishing the encrypted link between their browser and the SSL-certified website happens without any action required by the user.

Why You Need SSL

There are two reasons your website needs SSL:

  1. To boost SEO performance
    Google and other search engines have stated site security as a ranking factor. They prefer websites that will not jeopardize their end users’ data privacy. SSL certification gives search engines a clear signal that a website is safe for users.
  2. To boost consumer confidence
  3. If your website collects any user data, active SSL certification communicates to your website viewers that you value their privacy. When they feel valued, users have more confidence in your brand and are more likely to complete online transactions.

With SSL’s ability to impact your online visibility and conversion rate, there is no good reason not to have it on your website.

Website Development with SSL Included

SonicSEO.com takes pride in doing SEO right. And because search engines prefer secure websites, that means automatically acquiring SSL certification for our clients.

If your site has not already been SSL-certified, contact SonicSEO.com. We can help you achieve a higher level of site security and search marketing performance.


Contact us today to learn about the benefits for your site.

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