Getting your ecommerce website up and running is only one part of the process. You must also identify your target audience, which are the people most likely to patronize your website and business. applies SEO best practices to every website we create, which boosts the visibility of your brand and products. We also perform targeted research to design a marketing approach that caters to your specific audience. We accomplish these goals with a few different approaches.

What Is Online Market Research?

Market research has been used by businesses for decades to improve their standing among competitors. While the same principles apply to online market research, marketers find an abundance of useful information online, including website analytics on visitors and sales, as well as social media statistics evaluating follower engagement. Being able to identify patterns in this information and use them to your businesses advantage is crucial in pinning down your desired target audience.

How Is a Target Audience Defined?

It’s a waste of marketing resources to aim your advertising efforts at every consumer. No matter how effective your website is or how carefully you craft your social media messages, not every consumer has a need for your products or services. Narrowing marketing campaigns to an audience segment which does have a need and maybe even purchased your product before is much smarter use of your advertising budget.

How Can You Find Your Target Audience?

Conducting market research online is much easier than gathering information via phone calls or mailers to your customers. For example, asking your visitors to submit their email addresses to a mailing list allows you to send surveys directly to their inbox. You can also post links to online surveys to your social media pages. Many consumers are happy to provide their opinions about products and services, both good and bad.

You can also look at the audience your competitors are targeting. Once again, social media can be quite illuminating. Examining a rival business’s social media pages to see what kind of keywords and topics followers respond to most can help you fine tune your marketing efforts.

Finally, develop customer personas for each segment of your target audience. Drill down into customer demographics, as well as their wants and needs, and use this information to tailor your marketing to specific personas. A customer profile might include a person’s age, gender, location, marital status, occupation, and background.

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