Mobile Website Design

How Can a Custom Mobile Website Help Your Business?

mobile designMobile device users are a quickly growing population of Internet users. A custom designed mobile website can help your business get noticed by potential customers who are looking for your products or services on their mobile device.

A clear and simple custom mobile website will provide information about your business instantly to on-the-go potential customers. How quickly and efficiently that information can be accessed may be the difference between gaining a customer and losing a customer.

And with an increasing number of people accessing the Internet through their mobile devices, providing that type of access is becoming increasingly important.

How is a Mobile Website Design Different?

There are many factors that a mobile website designer takes into consideration when building a mobile-friendly website:

  • Page size – It is important to present your website in a much smaller format.
  • Amount of information presented – You must be selective of the information that you include on a mobile website.
  • Number of images and/or graphics – Images are important, but they must be used sparingly.
  • Navigation – An effective navigation is essential to a great custom mobile web design.
  • Load times – Your potential clients will not wait for a slow mobile web site to load.  It must load quickly.
  • Contact information – On a mobile web design, the contact information must be strategically placed to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to contact you.
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Mobile-friendly websites need to load quickly and be easily navigable by mobile device users; usability is key.

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