Today’s internet users have 24/7 access to the web thanks to their mobile devices. Many people use their devices not just for
keeping in touch with loved ones, but also for interacting with the businesses and brands they love. As a result, a mobile-compatible website is
no longer an option or a luxury. It’s a must.

The State of Internet Search Todaysmartphone and tablet

It’s quite clear that people increasingly prefer using mobile devices to access the internet. In 2022, 52.79% of visits to the web were conducted with a smartphone or tablet. Additionally, 56% of online sales involve a mobile device, as opposed to a desktop.

People love the convenience of mobile shopping, but they also love the safety it affords. Fears about COVID-19 transmission made mobile-optimization more important than ever, especially during periods where infection rates were high. While it seems the worst of the pandemic may be over, many people still prefer using their mobile devices for shopping and scheduling services.

Do You Have a Mobile-Friendly Website?

Based on the above statistics, you may be wondering if your business’s website is mobile-friendly. If you can’t remember the last time your website was updated or redesigned, chances are it’s not. Consider the following factors:

Text sizes and fonts may be too small to read

Pages might load too slowly

Images could be sized incorrectly

Buttons and links might not work properly


Lack of mobile optimization means a poor user experience, which can lose your website traffic and prevent you from accessing sales opportunities.

How to Get a Mobile-Friendly Website

It’s quite simple to get a mobile-friendly website to boost your business’s online visibility—just contact our team at for more information. We know what it takes to create an attractive, high-performance website viewable on any size screen, and we’re happy to share our knowledge with our clients.

Click here or call 505-821-2000 for a professional mobile website designed for your Albuquerque business!

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