Today’s Internet users have access to the World Wide Web in the palms of their hands nearly 24/7. Because more and more people are ditching their desktops and only using their smartphones and tablets to search, a mobile-compatible website is no longer an option or a luxury. It’s a must.

The State of Internet Search Todaysmartphone and tablet

Tech news groups continue to study Internet usage to learn more about the latest search trends. When it comes to researching what devices people are using to connect to the Internet, all studies agree—mobile usage is up and keeps going up.

In fact, since October 2016, more people use mobile devices—smartphones and tablets—to access the Internet than desktops and laptops! A growing body of users are exclusively connecting to the Web using their mobile devices.

Do I Have a Mobile-Friendly Website?

These reports may have you wondering if your Albuquerque business’ website is mobile-friendly. If you cannot remember the last time your website was updated or redesigned, chances are it’s not.

What does that mean?

It could mean:

Text Sizes and Fonts That Are Too Small to Read

Slow Loading Pages

Images That are too Big to Be Seen Completely on a Small Screen

Buttons and Links That Don’t Work Properly


In short, it means a really frustrating user experience, and that translates to lost traffic and lost sales opportunities.

Get a Mobile-Friendly Website

It’s actually really simple to get a mobile-friendly website to boost your local Albuquerque business’ online visibility—contact We are the Internet marketing professionals. We know what it takes to create an attractive, high-performance website viewable on any size screen; we can find out what it takes to update your website design during a free consultation.

Click here or call 505-821-2000 for a professional mobile website designed for your Albuquerque business!

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