In the past, physical location was a prime factor in business success. Brick and mortar stores and retailers that received the most foot traffic had the best chance of meeting and exceeding financial goals.

These days, business owners are turning their focus to the online market in hopes of drumming up web traffic. Consumers take to the internet when in search of information on goods and services. Many also choose to do their actual shopping online, whether they’re looking for a new pair of shoes or want to have groceries shipped or delivered directly to their homes. knows what an established web presence can do for your business. We also understand how to best convert your current foot traffic into a steady stream of online traffic to your web store.

What Should My Business Plan Include?

You probably created an initial business plan when you first started your company. A solid plan includes certain key components, such as an executive summary, info on you target market, current trends, financial data, and other pertinent information.

When it comes to developing a plan to convert foot traffic into visits to your website, the following elements are crucial:

  • Strategy for Social Media Engagement

    – Social media platforms are invaluable to businesses. Not only can they help you attract new customers, they also allow you to further engage with existing ones. Targeted social media messaging entertains followers, but it also makes them aware of new merchandise and products.

  • Details on Web Exclusive Discounts & Offers

    – When your customers know there are exclusive deals and discounts online, such as 20% of purchases over a certain dollar amount, they’ll be more likely to do business through your website. You can post specials on your website and social media platforms, to update your customers on deals.

  • Info on Your Site’s Mobile-Friendliness

    – Over half of all internet shoppers do their shopping from a smartphone or other mobile device. As a result, you must ensure that your ecommerce site is mobile friendly. Not only must is look good when viewed on a mobile device, it must also be easy to navigate and free of slow load times and glitches.

Let’s Discuss the Next Steps

After creating your online store business plan, the next step is to develop a secure and effective ecommerce site.  At, we provide more than 20 years of experience in website design, search engine optimization, and social media marketing.

Contact us today to learn more about designing a website that gets results.   

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