Social media marketing (SMM) is a unique type of internet marketing. Results of SMM efforts are shows of authentic user engagement, not necessarily leads and sales. Although SMM may not directly translate into dollars and cents, companies cannot afford to pass on the brand awareness and industry authority high-performance SMM from SonicSEO.com creates.

Of course, these are the easily measured engagement benchmarks. But genuine social media engagement should also entail more complex user behaviors, like:

Authentic user comments/threads–thoughtful comments (i.e. not bot-generated or one-word responses) that express real emotional reactions and invite responses from other viewers. 
Hashtag spread– the viral use of original hashtags you for the right reasons and you user-invented hashtags that “brand” conversations you initiated and/or participated in.
Mentions–virtual shout-outs coming from outside your social media platforms.


For social media engagement to work for you, engagement should largely be positive. But, negative comments or online critiques can bolster brand awareness and loyalty just as effectively when handled promptly and skillfully.

How We Encourage Engagement

Genuine user engagement will always take time to cultivate. However, when you choose SonicSEO.com for your social media marketing, we can cultivate engagement faster.

Our social media marketing professionals know how to encourage user engagement, and it all starts with taking the time to get to know you.

We invest quality time to:

  • Understand your business’ values and corporate culture
  • Identify your target audience and the social media platforms most relevant to them
  • Familiarize ourselves with what your competitors are doing on social media that’s working or not

As a result, our social media managers become like an extension of your company. We craft messages that resonate with your voice. We post content that informs and entertains your viewers. And cumulatively, that means we create a social media presence that is authentic and shareable.

To generate meaningful social media engagement that can drive website traffic and influence sales performance faster, contact SonicSEO.com for a free consultation.

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