Like any organic thing, organic website traffic needs tender loving care. Without a bit of continued TLC, rankings are prone to deterioration. This can happen for any number of reasons, ranging from irrelevant keywords to server overload to the use of outdated best practices. At, our SEO professionals continually monitor our clients’ sites and make the recommendations necessary to keep them performing optimally. When businesses turn to us after their rankings have already gone sour, we’re more than happy to step in, perform a thorough site audit and devise a strategy to get them back on track to digital success.

Reasons for Website Deterioration

A website can lose its rankings for any number of reasons. Loss of rankings can also happen gradually or as suddenly as overnight. They can be minor, as in just a place or two in the SERPs, or drastic, as in complete disappearance from the search results. Regardless of the reason or the extent of the loss, when you begin to notice a decline in rankings, it is vital that you pinpoint the cause and fix it before it causes any more damage.

With over two decades of experience helping businesses of all sizes achieve and maintain search engine success, our team at is familiar with the more common and not so common reasons for site deterioration. Though the list is exhaustive, we’ve found that some culprits are more common than others:

  • Broken structural changes due to website redesign, structural changes or the launch of a new site
  • Algorithm changes
  • Irrelevant keywords / keyword stuffing
  • Natural changes in Google (e.g. increase in competition, increase in search for a specific topic, etc.)
  • Geolocation discrepancies / lack of local SEO
  • Problems with internal navigation
  • Missing meta information and/or headers
  • Lack of user engagement
  • Duplicate or stale content

Whether the issues with your site are the result of the natural progression of search and time, or whether they are the result of poorly executed or black-hat SEO techniques, we will deploy strategies to remedy them before they cause any more damage to your rankings.

Rehabilitate Your Site and Restore Your Rankings has been in the business of helping websites rank since the early days of search. We have been along for the ride for every one of Google’s algorithm changes, and we have had to continually adapt our processes to be in line with new rules and best practices. Our agility, innovation and commitment to honest SEO tactics guide the strategies that enable us to keep our clients relevant in the SERPs, and they also serve to help us bring websites out of the depths of Google and back to the top of the results.

If your site is performing poorly, and if no amount of tweaking or revising has helped restore its rankings, it may be time for a website overhaul or a complete rebuild. Our team has the talent and resources to help you rehabilitate your site and restore your online reputation. Though our website rehabilitation strategy looks different for every business, it always begins with a free site assessment. Call us to schedule yours today.

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