While it might seem like working with a national SEO company is the better the solution for your business, this is not often the case. When a company is located far away from you, there’s no real way to tell whether it’s legitimate. You may be dealing with a single individual or a small group of people with no physical location to operate out of.

When working with a local SEO company, you can meet face to face with your specialist at the company office, which shows you’re working with a genuine business with the right tools and resources. Additionally, the best leads and customers are often right outside your door, and a local SEO company is in a better position to help you find consumers in need of the goods and services you offer.

While SonicSEO.com has worked with businesses all over the country, we also have extensive knowledge of the needs of Albuquerque business owners. We use this knowledge, including the best keywords to use and how to rank in local searches, to our clients’ advantage. As a result, we can help you rise to the top of local search rankings and improve your chance of turning website visitors into paying customers.

What Benefits Does a Local SEO Company Offer?

Local and national SEO companies typically offer the same services, including web design and social media marketing. However, working with a local marketing specialist means you’ll be privy to other benefits, including:

  • Knowledge of Your Competitors – While it’s true that no two businesses will have the same SEO strategy, you can tell a lot by looking at your competitors. What keywords are they using? What kind of customers are they targeting? What social media platforms do they have the most success with? A local company is in a better position to give you accurate answers to these questions.
  • Greater Understanding of Your Target Audience – You may think you know exactly who your target audience is but pinning down the right consumers is often easier said that done. Once again, local SEO specialists have a better understanding of local audiences, including their wants and needs, than a national company possibly could. This allows you to tailor content to the right audience using the right methods.
  • Emphasis on Customer Service – The bigger the SEO company, the harder it is to provide quality customer service. Communication can also suffer, which is a crucial component of quality service. With a local company, you can rest assured that you’ll be kept informed of every step throughout the process, from the initial creation of your website to monitoring and tracking its performance.
  • Personalized Marketing & Design – In the same token, a local SEO company will get to know your business. By knowing your business inside and out, your SEO strategy can be personalized to represent your business and brand, as well as to presents your core values to customers.

We’re Your Local SEO Company

Our SEO specialists have helped numerous businesses in and around the Albuquerque area improve their online presence. Along with our extensive knowledge of SEO, we also provide all clients with their own customer service representative, so you have a point of contact throughout your marketing campaign.

Contact SonicSEO.com today to get started with a free consultation.

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