While your website provides essential information about your business and the services it offers, it’s also a way to boost recognition of your brand. The more people who come across your site, the greater your customer base will be.

Increasing your rank in search results is the best way to get your brand out there to as many people as possible. As a provider of SEO services to businesses all over the country, SonicSEO.com uses proven techniques to boost search rankings.

We also leverage the power of cloud services to increase your online presence even further. The first step is understanding the factors that have the greatest impact on your site’s search ranking, such as the following.

Site Performance

Web users today are accustomed to a seamless browsing experience. When a site is slow to load or exhibits other performance issues, users are likely to click away. Consider that a page that takes two seconds to load has a bounce rate (meaning the user leaves the site after only viewing one page) of 9%. When the time is increased to five seconds, the bounce rate jumps to 38%.

Search engines hold user-friendliness in high regard because it creates a better experience. In most cases, cloud-hosted sites load faster than sites hosted on a single server. This increased speed prevents users from clicking away and potentially lowering your site ranking.  

Keyword Selection

Choosing the right keywords ensures your target audience can easily find you. This entails extensive keyword research to determine the most valuable keywords for your business. It can be hard to rank for keywords that have too much competition, so it’s beneficial for businesses to narrow down their selection to the terms and phrases that best suit their customer base.

Additionally, including keywords in different page elements can also increase your site’s search rank. Title tags are crucial in this regard. Unique title tags should be present on every page and should include relevant keywords pointing to the page’s content.

Site Security

Bots can be both good and bad. In fact, good bots are integral in your site being properly indexed, which ensures it achieves a high rank in search results. However, bad bots can greatly harm your search rank by copying your content and duplicating it around the web. Your site could be penalized by search engines, as a result.

Cloud hosting services utilize the proper security measures to prevent malicious bot attacks and ensure your site’s data remains safe and secure. When new threats emerge, cloud hosting allows you to implement updated measures to protect against novel threats.

We Can Help Boost Your Site’s Search Rank

Our web design team at SonicSEO.com know which factors matter most when it comes search ranking. We’ll take this knowledge and apply cloud SEO techniques proven to get results, for your website and your business.

Let’s sit down and discuss your unique marketing goals. Feel free to contact us today for more information.

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