In the past, traditional marketing included things like print ads and billboards. Companies designed ads to be compelling and informative but lacked a precise way to target the consumers most likely to patronize their business. As a result, ads were less effective when compared to the marketing channels available today.

Here at, our SEO team can help you create compelling, impactful internet ads. We can also ensure that these ads are positioned to be viewed by your target audience. Focusing your marketing efforts on the right consumers brings about a much bigger return on investment. It also provides a boost to web traffic, which presents you with ample sales opportunities.

Traditional vs. Internet Advertising

While it’s true that traditional advertising served a vital role for many years, it simply can’t rival the effectiveness of internet advertising. Cost is a huge concern when it comes to traditional advertising. It costs money to rent space on a billboard, and if you’re looking for long-term placement costs become even more exorbitant. Additionally, you’ll need to work with a design company when developing billboards and other signage, which increases costs even further.

Creating an internet ad is a much easier process. Additionally, you won’t be charged outrageous prices to rent out space on billboards or within newspapers and magazines. Internet ads are also more effective. Instead of posting an ad for all consumers, in the hopes that your target audience will also take note, internet ads are developed and positioned with your target audience already in mind.

Types of Internet Advertising

Internet advertising also offers a lot more options than print ads. Here are just a few options you can choose from:

  • Social Media Social media posts are a deeply personal form of advertising. Instead of directing blatant marketing efforts at your customers, you can develop a persona for your business that informs and entertains followers. This engages consumers on a more personal level.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The higher your website ranks in search results, the more visitors you’ll receive. SEO helps you achieve a high rank by meeting the criteria set forth by search engines when ranking different sites. Effective use of keywords, user friendliness, and security are just a few of the many ranking factors used by search engines.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising – SEO can take some time to bring about the desired results. In the interim, PPC advertising offers a quick boost in web traffic. PPC ads are positioned for maximum visibility in front of your target audience and incur a small fee every time they’re clicked.

Let’s Develop Effective Advertising for Your Business

With more than two decades of internet marketing experience, our team at is happy to answer any questions you might have. The first step is to schedule a consultation with an SEO specialist, who get to know your business and its marketing goals.

Please call 888-437-3737 or contact us if you’d like more information. We look forward to working with you!

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