Top Social Media Trends for 2021

After a year like no other, small business owners and marketers are looking towards 2021. While there is hope that some semblance of normalcy will return, many of the changes caused by COVID-19 are likely here to stay. The coronavirus pandemic has also impacted social media platforms.

Social media use has risen over the last year as people search for safe ways to interact with others and entertain themselves. As a result, businesses must make use of emerging trends to have the biggest impact. Here are a few social media trends expected to take off in 2021.  

Emphasis on Video Content

If video marketing is not a part of your current strategy, now’s a great time to incorporate it. There’s been a significant increase in video content, including live videos, on social media since the start of the pandemic. Additionally, videos in general are on the rise as many users seek out more dynamic content.

Video marketing is beneficial to businesses in a few ways. Because of its high share potential, a good video can increase awareness of your brand quickly. Video creation also allows you to showcase your goods to customers without them needing to step foot into your business location. This is crucial while the pandemic is still ongoing.

While in the past short videos were the norm, many social media platforms are experimenting with videos that are three minutes or longer, with positive results. Additionally, marketers don’t need to concern themselves with video quality as much, as lo-fi offerings are becoming more popular, even with big-name brands.

Evaluation of Data Across Platforms

For businesses that have a presence across social media platforms, there is valuable information that can be gleaned by evaluating how conversations flow across channels. This has led many marketers to adopt use of social listening platforms, which track conversations in real-time as they flow through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other types of social media.

Social listening is the process of tracking, analyzing, and responding to conversations about your business on social media. One major benefit of social listening is the identification of micro-influencers, who are people in your audience that drive conversations about your brand. Once these individuals are identified, their contributions can be leveraged to further engagement.

Social Media as eCommerce  

Social media platforms are already used as promotional tools, but they fall short of a true eCommerce experience. “Shoppable” ads have appeared on many significant platforms, including TikTok, which introduces products and services direct to followers on social media.

Combing eCommerce elements with social media just makes sense, considering more and more people are spending an increasing amount of time browsing social media pages and interacting with others. It’s also more convenient, as a user can be taken to an eCommerce site with the click of a button.

How trend-aware is your business when it comes to social media? Our team of designers and creators at are always up on the latest trends, and we’re happy to pass along valuable insights to our clients. We can help you establish a presence on popular sites, or we can tweak your existing social media campaign to boost engagement and sales. Let’s go over your business’s goals so we can help you develop a solid social media strategy.