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Here at SonicSEO.com, we have a reputation for designing attractive, effective websites for our clients.
While our experience is a major component of our success, our attention to web design trends is equally important.

Emerging Trends to Watch When It Comes to Web Design

Design trends are constantly growing and evolving, and we remain on the cutting edge of the following innovations to ensure our clients are pleased with their website’s performance:

  • Optimum Load Times and Page Speeds – Slow loading websites frustrate consumers and send them straight into the arms of your competitors.
  • Customized Content – Consumers want content that is customized to their unique preferences, which is made possible by smart technology that remembers key customer data, such as previous purchases.
  • Chatbots – Consumers want a simple experience, and chatbots help provide it. Chatbots also relieve some of the pressure on your staff since customers can access answers to frequently asked questions easily.
  • Micro-Interactions – Micro-interactions are small animations that offer a more dynamic browsing experience. For example, a user will find an icon changes form when they hover over it with their mouse.
  • Accessibility – Accessibility ensures that all users can successfully navigate your website. Elements include contrast between text and background, instructions for form fields, and alt tags on images that clearly communicate what the image is.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Website Design

In addition to the above emerging trends, our design process is also influenced by the impact of COVID-19. Many consumers these days prefer interacting with their favorite businesses online, which carries a reduced risk of disease transmission. When consumers do stop by your physical location, they also want to rest assured that you’re taking their health and safety into consideration.

That means your site must be user-friendly, which ensures customers can navigate to the appropriate menus. It must also be secure, which prevents data breaches involving sensitive financial information. Finally, modern websites must feature updated information regarding sanitation practices, social distancing rules, hours of operation, and other information that will put your customers’ minds at ease.

Are you interested in updating your site to reflect current trends? Then give us a call at 888-437-3737 to schedule a consultation. You can also check out our complete list of web design services.

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