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Getting Smart with Smart Phones

The world of communication and information systems is changing thanks to the brilliant tech minds at organizations like Apple, Verizon and LG. With the emergence of crafty smart phones like the iPhone and Droid, shifts in the world of technological communication are afoot. emarketer recently provided statistics showing that the amount of users investing in… Read more »

New News on Online Ad Spending

Yah…we know that we have bombarded you with a lot of information regarding the increased budgets going towards online advertising. But there’s more. Why? Because we cannot express how important it is that you understand the necessity of generating an online marketing campaign when the majority of the world’s largest and most successful businesses are… Read more »

Analytics and Social Media

One of the primary reasons that businesses online were attracted to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies like Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click was because they offered ways to track marketing investments dollar for dollar. As more and more users are being found to be on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, businesses are… Read more »

What Should Be On Your Facebook Page?

Ok, so we’ve hammered into everyone the importance of social media networking sites in today’s marketing age. If you have been following our blog, you surely know that all forms of traditional media are losing points in usage except for the Internet and mobile devices. You know that because of the above mentioned fact, 57%… Read more »

The Importance of Social Media and Word-of-Text Recommendations

Some startling statistics and assertions have been put forth regarding the importance of Social Media sites in a recent article by eMarketer, one of the leading Internet marketing analysis sites. Data produced by The Global Web Index asserts that online users use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to disseminate information rather than create… Read more »

Online Ad Spending Officially Defeats Newspaper Ads

For decades, companies have been investing their hard-earned advertising dollars into print ads in newspapers, magazines, and billboards. In 2010, a marketing milestone was reached: the amount spent on Internet advertising officially surpassed that of newspapers for the first time. According to eMarketer’s Decemeber 2010 statistics, newspaper ad spending in 2010