Are you satisfied with where your business’s website falls within search results? If not, search engine optimization (SEO) improves page rankings and helps increase web traffic to your site. can apply SEO best practices to your business’s website, but we can also provide essential information on how to boost your search ranking even further.  Effective SEO involves many different factors. Along with choosing the keywords most often used by your target audience and making sure your site contains quality content that is pleasing to visitors, how your site functions also makes a difference. Cloud SEO service can improve performance exponentially, which also improves site visibility and brings more traffic.

What Is Cloud SEO?

For your site to rank high in searches, it must meet the criteria set forth by search engines. These criteria are put in place to ensure an improved user experience. Sites that meet the criteria appear higher in search results because they’re believed to provide greater value to readers than sites that don’t.

This is where cloud SEO comes in. These techniques help improve the ranking of your site within search results. The higher the rank, the more people will see and interact with your site. Here are just a few principles of effective SEO:

  • Use the Right KeywordsUsing general keywords applicable to your industry won’t always return the right results since there will be more competition. To choose the best keywords, you must know your audience. Use of local keywords is also essential, this since it allows you to target the consumers most likely to use your goods and services.
  • Make Sure Content Is UniqueSearch engines penalize sites that duplicate content throughout. All content should be unique, from title tags to calls-to-action. Not only will it improve your position within search results, it will also ensure your readers remain engaged with your content while visiting your site.
  • Monitor PerformanceShould SEO trends change, which they often do, your site will experience a lag in performance. Tracking site performance and analytics is crucial so that the proper changes can be made to get a site back on top again.

How Does Site Performance Impact Cloud SEO?

Page load speeds are an important factor in user experience, so much so that search engines use them when determining page rank. When a site is slow to load there is a higher rate of page abandonment, which means that the user leaves the site before completing a desired action. Sites that are hosted on the cloud often load faster since resources are more evenly allocated.

Surprisingly, the location of your servers also impacts SEO. When a local search is performed, search engines often determine relevancy by looking at the location of the servers that contain websites. In this case, a server that is closer to the location included in the search term (such as “Albuquerque dentists”) will usually be ranked higher than those located farther away. Cloud hosting can improve ranking in local searches by dispersing data across multiple servers in different geographic locations.

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