How Social Media Influences 71% of Consumer Buying Decisions

Social media allows friends and family to maintain connections online, but it also provides consumers essential information on goods and services. Consider this: 71% of people on social media use product referrals they find on different platforms to make buying decisions.

This statistic shows the vital role social media plays in online marketing. By having a better understanding of this process, you can develop a more effective marketing strategy.

How Does Social Media Affect Consumer Behaviors?

In general, social media can impact buying decisions in the following ways:

  • Shortening the Customer Journey – The customer journey is the process a consumer undertakes when buying a product. The proliferation of mobile devices means that customers can efficiently research services and products on their phones, often using social media to read through reviews. As a result, a customer journey that used to take weeks can now be completed in under one day.  
  • Enhancing Word-of-Mouth Advertising – The viral nature of social media means that a satisfied customer can sing the praises of a business far and wide. Additionally, most consumers take inspiration from their social network when it comes to buying decisions.
  • Enticing Users via Influencer Marketing – Influencer marketing can have a substantial impact on sales, particularly with younger audiences. Influencers are people with large volumes of followers, who are often eager to try out recommendations made by their favorite online personalities.

How Can You Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

The first step is to choose the relevant platforms, meaning those most often used by your target audience. While Facebook is not quite as popular as it used to be, it’s still a major factor in consumer decision making when it comes to goods and services. Instagram is beneficial for reaching a younger audience, while Twitter is good for engaging consumers interested in what your business offers.

In addition to choosing the most relevant platforms, you must also create social media messages that really resonate with followers. Your feed should include a broad selection of informational posts, humor, how-to articles, images, and video to fully engage followers. You must also develop a posting schedule that keeps you on the mind of users without overwhelming them.

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