Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter keep people all over the world connected. They’re also an integral promotional tool for business owners.

Effective usage of social media platforms is a great way to increase brand recognition and bring in more visitors to your website. Our search engine optimization (SEO) team at will help you establish a presence on social media and post messages that have the biggest impact on your followers.

Here are four simple ways to boost your online business.

1. Be Choosy About Platforms

Not all businesses need to post on every single social media platform. To decide which platforms are relevant to you, targeted research must be performed. Start by determining which platforms your customers are using the most and focus your efforts there. It also helps to use multiple platforms, as different platforms allow you to use different types of media like video, images, and text.

2. Schedule Posts Ahead of Time

Posting on behalf of your business is not the same as posting on a personal social media page. You want to schedule posts during the time of day they have the most impact, which can vary depending on your audience. You also want to carefully consider what you’re going to say and how you’re going to promote your business. Writing and scheduling posts ahead of time also allows you to make changes before the post goes up.

3. Create an Online Persona

To truly engage with followers on social media, you must understand their wants and needs. Creating customer personas and identities allows you to fine tune your marketing efforts to your specific target audience. Start by asking simple questions about your customers, such as their age, occupation, location, gender, income, and other demographic info. From there, tailor social messaging to these specific personas so they really resonate with your followers.

4. Make Your Posts Interactive

Social media is also a great tool for getting your customers involved. Ask them to leave reviews about your online store or business, solicit their opinions on new product launches, and allow them to participate in fun giveaways and games. Replying to comments from your followers is also beneficial to promoting your business.

We’ll Help Grow Your Online Business

If your business doesn’t have a social media presence already, you are missing out on numerous sales opportunities. can help make the right choices, from selecting the appropriate social media platforms to establishing an impactful posting schedule.

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