Landing pages are an important component of every website. Types of landing pages include:

General Landing Pages

Any page that people enter your site on may be considered a landing page. It’s where people get their first taste of your business and decide whether or not they want to dig deeper into your site or leave to find another one.

Specific Landing Pages

Landing pages can also be specific action pages within your site that you direct people to from other sources, be it a PPC ad, social media promotion or email campaign. These pages are designed to meet a specific need that compelled people to click the link on your ad/promotion/campaign/etc. In this context, the best landing pages make use of limited navigational features so that potential clients can stay focused on taking your recommended action.

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At, we design professional websites under the philosophy that every page has the potential to be a landing page. We strive to make every page on a business website not only compelling, but also an effective tool at guiding people through a sales funnel.

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Whether you’d like to develop a specific campaign to get more business from your website or work on making every page on your site a strong landing page, has the skill, experience and resources to meet your needs. We’d be happy to talk with you about how we can incorporate practices of the best landing pages into your professional website to get more clients from the Internet. Please contact us to speak with a member of our web design company representative today.

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