How Google My Business Can Benefit Your Business’s Local SEO

Let us face it — the only purpose phonebooks serve these days is to prop doors open. With paper out and mobile in, businesses are moving their local marketing efforts online, a phenomenon you can easily take advantage of, and one you SHOULD take advantage of. Thanks to online directories such as Google My Business, you can reach more potential customers who would otherwise have had to drive by your location or look to the Yellow Pages to find you. Though that’s reason enough to build and optimize a Google My Business profile for most businesses, read on for a few other ways your brand can benefit from the extra effort.

Earn a Spot in the Coveted 3-Pack

When you perform a search for, say, “best hamburgers in town,” you may notice that three select businesses pop up in their own designated square, right beneath a map that shares their locations. And those businesses are local. How do these businesses earn those spots?

While companies have tried several tactics to try to earn a spot in what Google calls the “Local 3-Pack,” what many don’t know is that the key to success is simple: Create a Google My Business listing. By simply creating such a listing, you can greatly increase your odds of landing a treasured spot because most brands have yet to develop a profile. And, not only does the listing show customers exactly where you are in relation to them but also, brands that show up in the 3-Pack get 700% more clicks than any other organic listing. 700%!

So, if you do not have a Google My Listing profile, it is time you made one.

Show Up in Google Map Searches

Beneath the local three listings, you will find an option to view “More Places.” If the businesses in the Local 3-Pack do not appeal to searchers, they are likely to click to see more options rather than keep scrolling through the remaining seven organic searches.

Once users click the “More Places” option, Google will redirect them to Google Map Searches. Here, they will be able to see all the relevant businesses near them, as well as how near and far each is. Google marks the location of businesses with red pings, making it easier than ever for searchers to narrow down their options.

The catch is that to receive a red ping, and for Google to tell users how near or far your business is from their location, you need a Google My Business listing.

Garner Review and Boost Your Rankings

Google My Business makes it easy for clients to review your business and leave feedback. Not only do positive reviews help you attract more customers but also, five-star ratings impress Google. When Google is impressed, it rewards businesses with better rankings. By creating a profile, you encourage happy customers to leave reviews and, therefore, boost your chances of climbing in the rankings.

A Google My Business Listing has the potential to help your business in ways that go beyond SEO. For instance, businesses with listings are 70% more likely to attracting individuals who are “just browsing” than businesses who show up just in organic search. Moreover, consumers who find brands through Google My Business are 50% more likely to make a purchase than those who find brands through other means.

We could go on and on about the benefits of a Google My Business listing, or you could learn about the benefits firsthand. For help building a strong and enticing profile, reach out to today.