Many businesses have successfully transitioned from a physical store front to an online one. Running your business online can cut costs exponentially, since you won’t need to rent or purchase a physical space and pay for the necessary utilities. An online store front also provides access to more potential customers, provided you take the right marketing steps when developing your website. has helped all types of businesses boost their presence online through web design, social media marketing, and SEO. Along with creating an attractive and easy to use site, we’ll also make sure your online store has the following essential elements, which elevate the customer experience and increase sales prospects.

Zoom-In for Images

Keep in mind that consumers will be coming to your site from many different devices, including smartphones and tablets. You want to ensure that everyone can see the images presented on your sight in detail. Zoom-in options for images allows visitors to get a closer look at a product, which might be the final push for them to make a purchase.

A Bestselling Products Section

Highlighting your bestselling products makes them more enticing to visitors. It also presents products that a customer might not find on his own through regular search methods. Product collections are also useful, as they group similar items together for a more convenient shopping experience.


Contact forms allow users to easily provide their name and email address so they can be sent special offers or updates. Feedback forms allow users to voice their opinions on their experience, which can be used to improve your business in the future. Forms should be easy to use and navigate and should be relatively short to prevent customers from clicking away.

Wish Lists

Wish lists, where site visitors can save items to purchase later, are a fun way to remind consumers about any products that caught their attention in the past. Once added to a wish list, these products will pop up any time a person logs into a site, giving visitors numerous opportunities to purchase them.

We’ll Create an Impressive Online Store Front

The web design team at knows which elements must be incorporated to make your online store a success. We also help you develop an effective brand and present it consistently across multiple channels.

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