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Tips to Improve Your Rank on Google Maps

Google Maps isn’t just for finding your way around. It’s also an indispensable tool for consumers in search of local businesses. If your business doesn’t appear on Google Maps, you’re missing out on a key demographic, i.e. local customers with a  

4 Ways to Start Moving Your Business Online

In the midst of all the mandatory closures enacted by state governments to tamp down the spread of COVID-19, many businesses are rightly concerned. It could be months before normal operations can be resumed, which means staff and  

What Are the Different Stages of the Customer Journey?

While it may appear to be a seamless process, there are many
distinct steps a customer takes when purchasing goods or services. A business
that understands these steps can develop a marketing plan to accommodate every
phase of the customer journey, from the time a  

Tips on Getting the Most Out of Google Trends

There are many tools at your disposal that can help hone your online marketing strategy. Effectively using these tools provides useful data and information about your audience, their behaviors, and even the keywords they use when looking for goods or services. Google Trends  

What to Avoid When It Comes to Web Design

What makes a great business website? Most designers (and users) agree that all sites should provide easy navigation, an uncluttered layout, quality content, and a professional appearance that exemplifies the very best of your brand.


How to Incorporate Personalization Into Your SEO Strategy

There is a massive amount of search data out there that provides insight into a user’s wants and desires every time they perform an online search. This data can include things like location, purchase history, the device  

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