What Guidelines Does the Apple App Store Use When Reviewing Submissions?

Developing a mobile app for your business enables you to offer an enhanced experience to customers. However, it can also expand the reach of your brand to ensure that you’re accessing every possible segment of your target audience.

In addition to developing an effective and engaging mobile application, you must also make sure it’s accessible to as many users as possible. This entails placing the app in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The Apple App Store uses a variety of criteria when determining the worthiness of an app. Here’s how you can rest assured that the app is accepted and accessible to iOS devices.


Apple is very concerned about user safety and security. Accordingly, they diligently review apps to determine whether they include problematic content. Foul language, inaccurate medical information, data security, and other metrics are all evaluated before an app is accepted. If Apple determines that a mobile application has the potential to cause harm, it will be rejected.


Apps must live up to user expectations in terms of performance. For example, descriptions and advertisements must be in line with the experience an app actually offers users. It must be rigorously tested to ensure users are privy to a fun and engaging experience. It must also be compatible on different types of hardware, such as iPhones and iPads.


Many mobile applications offer the option of in-app purchasing. It’s crucial that developers make these purchases explicitly clear to users to ensure they can make informed decisions when using the app. Mobile applications must also offer other payment methods when it comes to services or products that are intended to be used outside of the app, such as food delivery.


Design refers to functionality, which means users should be privy to an easy-to-understand layout and streamlined navigation. However, the design of the app must also be unique and not borrow heavily from other popular apps. Apple also requires regular updates of app technology to ensure users can enjoy the same experience on a consistent basis.


Mobile apps must also be fully compliant with all pertinent laws and regulations. This is especially crucial when it comes to privacy, as your app must protect user information and stop it from getting into the wrong hands. When it comes to permissions, users must receive clear instructions on what they’re permitting to ensure their full understanding.

Of course, the above information only scratches the surface of the numerous requirements Apple has for mobile applications. That’s why you must partner with an experienced and knowledgeable app developer, which is what you get from our team at SonicSEO.com. Our app development services are effective, affordable, and fully capable of providing your customers with a high-quality experience. If you’d like to learn more about this and other marketing services we offer, feel free to call (505) 821-2000.