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Things Every Business Needs to Know About Facebook

Facebook has become more than just a sharing platform for friends and family, it has become a marketing giant for business promotion and sales. By enabling you to target specific demographics and geographical areas, you can reach an audience that’s engaged and interested in the products and/or services you provide!

How to Get Engagement on Your Blog

Engagement. It’s not just what the USS Enterprise does when it jumps to warp speed. It’s one of the major tenets of building—and maintaining—a blog for your business. Customers and potential customers want to see that your company is run by actual people who actively care about their needs. That’s what engagement provides.

Potential Timeline Revamp Will Excite Customizers

Facebook users in New Zealand, got a special treat this new year: a new look for their timelines. The Kiwis are a popular demographic for testing beta versions of Facebook’s developments. The reports of timeline’s revamp started in January when users started tweeting screenshots and blogging the new features. The second wave hit early this… Read more »

Getting Business from Facebook

By now, you’ve heard about how Facebook can be a great tool for securing new and returning business. You are told to gain as many followers as you can so they can see your posts and share your business with their friends.

How to Engage on Facebook

We all know that Facebook can be a great way to engage with your fans—but how do you engage the right way? Most businesses have a page set up, but not all are regularly interacting with their customers. Facebook engagement is simple: create quality content that your fans will want to discuss and share.

Justin Bieber to Overtake Lady Gaga for Most Twitter Followers: Who Cares?

CNN (and numerous other news sources) reported that Justin Bieber will soon overtake Lady Gaga as Twitter’s leading account. As the Biebs inches ever closer to ultimate Twitter rule, we have to wonder: who really cares? While seemingly just another insignificant indicator of “success,” a large Twitter following is actually more than just a cool… Read more »