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Social Media: Avon is Calling!

Social Media is Important for Businesses of All Sizes Social media can’t be ignored by businesses anymore. Not even direct sales businesses that typically rely on door-to-door, word-of-mouth sales. A recent Wall Street Journal article outlined cosmetics company Avon’s struggle to remedy falling sales; the profit per representative in the US has seen a 75%… Read more »

“I Can’t Close this Stupid Pop-Up” and other Web Marketing Customer Woes

Radio and TV, no doubt, revolutionized marketing. Entirely new avenues of reaching potential customers opened up…and with the potential for multimedia, too! But radio and TV are firmly planted in the “push” marketing paradigm. They trumpet your claims and shout your company name to push an awareness of your company, your products and services into… Read more »

Twitter Marketing – How Does it Fit in With Internet Marketing

As with other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses. But how exactly does Twitter fit in to a comprehensive Internet marketing campaign? There are two forms of twitter marketing: paid twitter advertisements and twitter marketing (which is marketing of your company twitter account). Twitter ads (also… Read more »

It’s Not Exactly News: You Need Search Engine Marketing

eMarketer, one of the leading digital media analysis firms, projects growth in search spending over the course of the next few years, reaching $30 billion by 2016. Fueled in 2012 by national elections and the Summer Olympic Games, search spending trends will secure the crown on Google’s head as the king of Internet search, but… Read more »

Working the Web

6 Tips to Make Your Web Site Work for You It’s no secret. A strategic online marketing campaign can drive targeted traffic to your Web site and help you establish a solid client base in a highly efficient manner. The strategy of a solid Web marketing campaign is not simply developing an informative Web site… Read more »

Reaching Your Target Audience

To maximize the impact of your Web site, you need to have a site that is designed for a specific group of people—your niche market. By identifying your target audience, what they expect and how they search online, you can create an effective Web site that turns curious visitors into paying customers.