How to Best Use Your SEO Company

With the right help, your website can be your most powerful marketing tool. But, do you know what the key of successful marketing is? Trust.

Trust is a tall order for your website to deliver because it requires:

  1. External markers—like your ranking in the organic search engine results pages and user reviews—to signal to new (and existing) users that your company really can be trusted to deliver on its promises
  2. Web design that inspires confidence at a glance. Although users may already be “primed” to trust your brand because of top Google rankings and/or ratings and reviews, users still need to develop that trust first-hand. And the trust-building begins with their first impression of your website, so it better be good.

So, what does that have to do with your SEO company?

Much of what it takes to develop trust depends on the performance of your SEO company. To maintain Page 1 SERP visibility and keep users clicking through your site and converting to paying clients, you have to have a fresh, current website that delivers an exceptional user experience. monitors your website’s performance and does all the “backstage” work necessary to maintain top ranking potential. However, there are some things we cannot update, refresh or add without you telling us (because we’re SEO experts, not mind readers).

To effectively use as your internet marketing partner for better online and offline results, you need inform us and have us update your website to reflect:

Changes to your physical location and/or contact information

Few things are more frustrating to users than a click-to-call number that gets a “Sorry, this number has been changed or disconnected” message. And your website isn’t helping you get more local customers searching on mobile devices if their GPS is sending them to your old store front.

Changes in product or service offerings—including names, promotions, packages, etc.

A user that gets all the way to an e-shopping cart only to find “Product No Longer Available” is not likely going to inspire a new search on your site for something similar to what they really wanted and can’t get. They’ll bounce and check out your competitor, instead.

Changes in key company personnel

If your customers need to reach specific team members to get the service they need, then make sure the right names, images, individual contact numbers, etc. are on the website. After all, the name of a personal who doesn’t exist at the company is no better than a nameless extension in an automated phone maze.

Changes to your logo

Your website is the backbone of your online branding campaign. It should reflect your business’ branding IRL. Changing a logo or color scheme offline without doing the same online creates brand confusion. It makes the customers who want to be loyal unsure if they have the right company…and any uncertainty about your brand is reason to explore your competitors.

Your website needs to accurately reflect your personality, your unique value proposition and your integrity. Any discrepancy between your online face and your real-world operations gives rise to doubt among your existing and potential customers. And doubt kills trust, which, in turn, kills sales.

Most of the changes your website should reflect are easy to do…but why take your time to do them? provides our customers with the responsive support they need to delegate all website updates to us (because sometimes there’s back-end SEO stuff involved) at no extra charge. If your SEO company is charging by the hour, consider a switch. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.