Why You Should Fuse Physical & Digital Channels

For your business to be truly successful, you must market it effectively. This entails a multi-faceted approach to reach as many potential customers as possible. While many businesses rely on online marketing, physical marketing can also be beneficial when used in the correct way.

Physical Marketing vs. Digital Marketing 

Physical marketing includes things like print ads, banners, business cards, flyers, billboards, newsletters, and promotional items. While it was an effective method of raising brand awareness for many decades, businesses these days usually invest in digital marketing. This includes websites, social media pages, online ads, promotional videos, and search engine optimization (SEO). Unlike physical marketing, digital marketing allows you to focus your efforts on consumers most likely to purchase your goods or services.  

How to Combine Your Marketing Efforts 

The good news is that physical and digital marketing have the greatest impact when used together, as illustrated by the following examples: 
  • QR Codes – What’s the most efficient way to link your physical ads to your website? QR codes can easily be scanned by smartphones and other mobile devices to take users to some section of your website. Similar to bar codes, QR codes offer a direct link between physical advertising and its online counterparts.  
  • Social Media Appeals – Getting your customers to interact with your social media pages deepens their engagement with your brand. Asking followers to take pictures in front of your billboards or signage and share them on social media pages serves two goals; your business is provided free advertising while your followers are afforded a fun opportunity. You can even offer incentives for participation, such as 10% off the next purchase or a free gift, to entice your followers.  
  • Integrated Technology – Upgraded technology can benefit in-store experiences as well. When sales representatives are provided tablets or notepads, they can offer a higher level of customer service to patrons.  Augmented reality can also be beneficial from a marketing perspective. For instance, a car dealership can provide augmented tours of a vehicle and its driving experience in a way that is fun and informative for consumers.  
An effective marketing strategy should encompass a few different methods, including digital. SonicSEO.com is here to develop your digital marketing strategy so it offers the best return on investment. We use multiple channels to promote your brand, including popular social media platforms.  

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