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Analyze This

As we’ve discussed before, analytics is an extraordinarily useful tool in Internet marketing, and one of the key ways Internet marketing stands apart from traditional marketing. The wealth of hard data at your fingertips lets you know exactly what is and is not working, allowing you to spend your marketing budget far more efficiently than… Read more »

Analytics and Social Media

One of the primary reasons that businesses online were attracted to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies like Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click was because they offered ways to track marketing investments dollar for dollar. As more and more users are being found to be on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, businesses are… Read more »

Top Ten Search Engine Optimization Tips–#10 Analytics is committed to providing superior search engine optimization to businesses seeking to expand their reach online. Part of our mission is to enhance awareness of good SEO by educating consumers and promoting ethical search engine optimization within the industry.

Online Advertising—You Need to Get in on the Action!

As dollars for print advertising continue to fall, dollars for online advertising are on the rise. eMarketer reported in December 2010 that online advertising dollars have surpassed print advertising dollars and are expected to be on the rise through 2014 with an estimated $40 billion being put into online advertising. You might find yourself asking… Read more »

Using Analytics to Improve Conversions

In the world of online marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), getting visitors to your Web site is only the first hurdle to overcome for a business. It is like having shoppers come into your store and walk around. The next logical step is to get them to actually purchase your goods or services—a conversion…. Read more »