Why Is Local SEO Important for All Businesses?

Search engine optimization (SEO) improves your website’s rank within online search results. Local SEO ensures you’re showing up in searches involving the city or town where you live, which offer the greatest opportunity for a successful sale.

Your marketing strategy must include a plan for raising local visibility. Here are a few steps you can take to enhance awareness of your business where it counts.

Local Searches Have a Better Conversion Rate

Conversion rate measures how many visitors to your website become paying customers. It’s an important metric for success, as high traffic does not always equal a boost in sales. Most people who conduct local searches ultimately end up making a sale soon after, as they usually have an immediate need they must fulfill. As a result, a better rank can mean a healthier bottom line for your business.

Most User Searches Are Locally Based

Consumers are naturally most concerned with finding goods and services where they live. Accordingly, the majority of online searches have a local component, which helps narrow down the selection of businesses. Optimizing for relevant local search terms gives you a better chance of showing up in search results, especially when it comes to your geographic area.

A High Local Rank Can Overcome Competition

Whoever ranks higher in local searches will be the business most customers choose, so you must meet relevant criteria to enhance your local rank. Creating a Google My Business account is especially beneficial, as many businesses are not featured on Google Maps. Most consumers conduct an online search prior to visiting local businesses. For example, a search for a new hair stylist might look like this:



Keep in mind that local SEO can also help your business show up in searches for nearby towns and smaller cities, since there are usually fewer businesses in those areas. It also benefits businesses with multiple locations or a national presence, as it can focus your marketing on specific locations.

SonicSEO.com understands the importance of local SEO, so we take the right steps to meet relevant criteria. We also continually monitor site performance to keep up with changing search engine trends. Our marketing approach can raise awareness of your business in the geographic area that’s most beneficial to you. Contact us today to discuss your marketing strategy.