How to Maintain Engagement with SEO Clients

Virtually all businesses can benefit from a search engine optimized (SEO) website, meaning one designed with relevant search ranking factors in mind. However, many business owners lack an understanding of just what SEO is and how it impacts their search rank, their website, and their bottom line.

A dependable online marketer will have the right tools and information to create a compelling, impactful site that meets relevant search factors. Good marketers also love sharing their insights with their clients, which can be achieved using the following methods.

Offer SEO Training to Clients

SEO practices contain a lot of words and phrases that may seem confusing at first glance. Providing clients with SEO training to cover the basics like terminology, ranking factors, and other important subjects provides them the tools to be fully engaged in the project. Marketers should also show clients how to read and interpret Google analytics reports, which contain lots of crucial information. We encourage our clients to reach out to use whenever they have questions or concerns about the current strategy.

Provide Progress Reports

Progress reports communicate how well a website is ranking over a certain period of time. Many marketers provide updates on a monthly basis, which keeps the client fully informed to the success of their website. Quarterly reports are also beneficial, as they present a wider view of search rank fluctuations over a longer period of time. In addition to providing important information, regular progress reports also keep clients in the loop.

Solicit Feedback from Clients

All forms of client feedback are beneficial, both to the client and the marketer. If there are concerns or questions about how a project is progressing, client feedback will shed light on them. It can also be the first step to correcting these issues and moving forward in the right direction. And when feedback is positive, it’s a verification that the SEO methods being employed are working as intended and that the client is satisfied with the results.

Here at, we want our clients to have the best experience possible. That’s why we provide dependable SEO solutions to ensure your website is seen by as many people as possible. We also offer ongoing maintenance service, which includes frequent communication with our clients.

Let’s discuss your SEO strategy today to ensure it meets your needs. We’re looking forward to speaking with you!