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What You Can Learn from Mobile Metrics

Metrics give important information about your site’s performance, including how many people it’s reached and whether those visitors take other actions after visiting a particular page. Mobile metrics, which measure the behavior of users on smartphones and tablets, provide even more useful information. If you’re trying to reach a mobile audience or are wondering whether… Read more »

The Avengers: SEO Style

The Avengers started the summer movie season with a bang this past weekend, shattering records like Thor’s hammer shatters glass. If you’ve seen the movie (or even a preview), you know that the members of the Avengers work together as a team to save the world from destruction. At, we’re a lot like the… Read more »

Numbers that Really Count

Understanding the Traffic Statistics of Your Web Site The purpose of a Web site is to bring lots of traffic to your site, right? Wrong. The purpose of a Web site is not to simply bring people to your site, but draw in a targeted audience that translates into a high conversion rate (customers).

Do People Love Your Web Site?

How to Attain Effective Search Engine Optimization Placement Everyone wants a website that is hip, attention-grabbing and provides a pleasant user experience. Yet, capturing the interest of online visitors is easier said than done.

Analyze This

As we’ve discussed before, analytics is an extraordinarily useful tool in Internet marketing, and one of the key ways Internet marketing stands apart from traditional marketing. The wealth of hard data at your fingertips lets you know exactly what is and is not working, allowing you to spend your marketing budget far more efficiently than… Read more »

Analytics and Social Media

One of the primary reasons that businesses online were attracted to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies like Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click was because they offered ways to track marketing investments dollar for dollar. As more and more users are being found to be on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, businesses are… Read more »