Getting Smart with Smart Phones

The world of communication and information systems is changing thanks to the brilliant tech minds at organizations like Apple, Verizon and LG.

With the emergence of crafty smart phones like the iPhone and Droid, shifts in the world of technological communication are afoot. emarketer recently provided statistics showing that the amount of users investing in smart phones is rising. By 2014, 43% of all US cell phone users are predicted to have a smart phone. In 2010, smart phone usage went up more than any other medium at an astounding rate of 28.2%.

And it’s more than just usage; by 2014 more than 1 trillion dollars is expected to be transacted through the use of smart phones, revealing that cell phone users are not just using smart phones more than regular phones, but that they are using their smart phones to carry out monetary tasks.

In the old days, a person needed a cell phone to talk and text, a hard-copy organizer to keep track of tasks and appointments, envelopes and checks to pay bills, and a computer to send emails and chat. Those days are over. More and more users are spending less time on their laptops and more time on their smart phones to manage their tasks, surf the web, check and write emails, and talk and text. The amount of things iPhones and Droids are doing is impressive, if not downright unbelievable.

Bottom line, you need to start thinking in terms of digital telephonic communication if you are to compete in the world of digital business. A lot more people are predicted to own smart phones soon and a lot of those users are predicted to use their phone to accomplish nearly everything that’s digitally related. This presents you with some unique marketing opportunities. Be creative and think smart.