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What Is an SEO Accessibility Check and Why Is It Important?

People with disabilities utilize web services, and businesses must keep differently abled individuals in mind to ensure their sites are inclusive and fully accessible by all. Unfortunately, a vast number of websites are not accessible to people with disabilities, which prevents them from taking  

Short-Tail and Long-Tail Keywords: What’s The Difference?

Keyword selection is a major component of a successful SEO strategy. Keywords help potential customers find your business, at which point they may choose to purchase a product or schedule a service. Proper keyword selection also enhances your website’s search rank, which ensures you  

Why Did Traffic to Your Website Decrease?

It’s normal for web traffic to fluctuate from time to time. However, you must monitor traffic levels closely to take swift action when your website receives fewer visitors than it normally does. (more…)

What Is Keyword Cannibalization?

Keywords are terms and phrases people use when seeking goods and services online. Search engines look for relevant keywords within online content to determine whether they match what the user has inputted. When search engines find a good match, they populate the search results  

Which Mobile App Metrics Are Most Important?

With mobile apps for businesses, an optimum user experience is a key aspect of success. A good app can attract new customers, while also ensuring that existing customers are fully engaged. It can also allow your business to provide updates on sales, specials, and  

A Guide to Landing Pages and Their Benefits

Getting people to come to your business’s website is really just the first step in the online marketing process. You must also persuade these visitors to take certain action for your strategy to be truly effective.

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