Which Mobile App Metrics Are Most Important?

With mobile apps for businesses, an optimum user experience is a key aspect of success. A good app can attract new customers, while also ensuring that existing customers are fully engaged. It can also allow your business to provide updates on sales, specials, and new products, which can boost your bottom line.

To determine whether your mobile application is a bona fide success, you must track certain metrics. These metrics can provide concrete information on how users interact with your app, and how satisfied they are with the overall experience. While there are several metrics to consider, the following are vital for most business apps.

Engagement Rate

Your app’s engagement rate lets you know how often users are interacting with certain features. For instance, a poor engagement rate in one area of the mobile application signals that it’s not offering the best possible experience to users. Conversely, a good engagement rate indicates that users are getting more out of the app. While engagement can vary according to the goal of the user, this metric does provide a baseline of the success or failure of individual app features.

Time Spent on Screen

Sessions refer to how much time a user spends on screen. Keep in mind that some portions of your app may naturally involve shorter sessions. However, you can use your understanding of app features to determine whether a session length is appropriate. If testing indicates that a certain section of the app requires a longer session, and you find that the actual time spent on screen is much lower, then you know that section most likely needs to be tweaked.

Conversion Rate

While engagement rate measures user interactions, conversion rates measure the success of calls-to-action, which compel users to take a certain action. For example, one goal of your mobile application may be for users to complete a sale or schedule a service. If you find that you’re not achieving these goals, it’s worth reviewing your app to determine why users aren’t following through (especially if the app has a good engagement rate but poor conversion rate).

Customer Satisfaction Score

Customer satisfaction scores compare user experiences to user feedback. If multiple users provide poor feedback regarding a certain section or feature of the mobile application, it’s safe to say that the feature is in need of improvement. This is often the case with areas of the app that load too slowly or pose issues with navigation. However, feedback should be assessed in context with other metrics, such as conversion rate, to have the greatest understanding of customer feedback.

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