Now more than ever, law firms of all sizes are struggling to find new clients — and not because their legal services are lacking. Demand for legal services has remained flat for years. DIY legal solutions have multiplied. And thanks to the internet, potential clients can browse countless options before deciding to hire a lawyer. Under these conditions, it’s difficult for even great law firms to grab the attention of potential clients. If you’re not near the top of the search engine results, there’s a good chance potential clients will never even know you exist. If you want to make sure your law firm doesn’t get lost in the noise, a customized SEO strategy can go a long way. provides a full range of SEO services, including those listed below. In a crowded and competitive market, SEO is indispensable in making sure potential clients find you. [Learn more about SEO strategies for attorneys here and our customized SEO solutions process here.]

We use SEO strategies together with our other internet marketing services to help you meet and exceed your client development goals.

  On-Page SEO Services

On-page SEO focuses mostly on your website’s content and how well it’s optimized for relevant keywords and a good user experience.

We not only research and select appropriate keywords, but also make sure your site has valuable content and compelling calls-to-action that inspire potential clients to contact you.

Our other on-page SEO services include optimizing sitemapping, meta tags, URL readability, page formatting, and more.

  Technical SEO Services

If certain technical aspects of your website aren’t up to standard, Google will be able to detect it. Search engine spiders will have a harder time crawling your site and indexing your content. As a result, your rankings will suffer.

After all, search engines aim to provide quality search results. They don’t want to send users to websites that will give them a bad experience. Our SEO experts will make sure your law firm’s website ticks all the right boxes, such as fast loading speed, working links, mobile optimization, and proper image formatting.

  Off-Page SEO Services

When people think of SEO, they usually think about on-page strategies like implementing keywords. But a well-rounded SEO strategy also incorporates off-page SEO.

Off-page SEO includes anything you and others do away from your website to increase its ranking in search results. This most commonly includes link-building — a valuable strategy for many law firms. At, we can create a proactive link-building campaign designed to raise your website’s domain authority. [Learn more about link-building on our Attorney SEO Strategies page.]

  Google Maps Marketing

When someone searches for legal help, they’re likely searching for a local attorney. Google Maps marketing involves using Google Maps to make your law firm easier to find.

The process begins with completing a Google My Business (GMB) Profile. Your GMB Profile includes your physical location, service area, and other key factors, such as your business categories. Our SEO experts can help you optimize your GMB Profile to increase your chances of appearing higher in Google’s list of local businesses.

Learn More About How SEO Can Boost Your Law Firm’s Visibility

At, we’ve spent years building SEO expertise so you don’t have to. With our extensive experience and dedicated customer service, we deliver unparalleled results. There’s a reason why clients return to us again and again.

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