Social Media Marketing in Albuquerque

These days, a thorough Internet marketing campaign is incomplete without a social media marketing strategy. Major corporations and businesses throughout the world are investing in social media because they realize some important facts:

  • Facebook currently houses over 500 million web users
  • 57.1% of all Internet users are on Facebook
  • Almost half of the total US population is expected to be on Facebook in the next couple years
  • Twitter currently has over 105 million users and is growing rapidly
  • Over 2 billion YouTube videos are watched every day
  • Hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded on YouTube daily

Businesses want to go where the people are and with numbers as staggering as the ones mentioned above, marketing strategies are redirecting their focus towards online social networks.

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Albuquerque and Social Media Marketing

Albuquerque is such a personable community known for possessing all the modern conveniences of a big city and the interpersonal feel of a small town. Internet users and consumers in Albuquerque like to communicate and interact with the companies that they are purchasing goods and services from. Consumers want to develop trusting relationships and partnerships with businesses that meet their needs.

Social media marketing allows you to connect with loyal existing clients and potential new ones. It also enables you to create and maintain your reputation amongst your targeted consumers.

Expert Social Media Marketing Services in Albuquerque

At, we are committed to cultivating success amongst Albuquerque businesses. We can develop, create and implement a social media marketing strategy that will enable you to connect with the people who are looking for your products and services. Your social media marketing campaign will allow you to not only reach out to established clients, but enable you to expand your reach as you become more accessible to potential clients. implements campaigns across multiple social media outlets. Some of the primary social media platforms include:

  • Facebook marketingBecause it possesses the largest social media population online, Facebook is a gold mine for creating buzz about your company and establishing relationships with existing and potential clients. We can create your account, manage it, create custom graphics and brand logos for it, update it frequently and promote your company’s news, contests, products and more.
  • Twitter: Twitter is growing rapidly as a source of up-to-the-minute microblogging that can impact your search engine optimization efforts. Because of this, it’s a useful tool to generate buzz on Twitter and better establish your online presence. By creating an effective Twitter marketing strategy, you will be able to reach out to target audiences and establish yourself as an authority. We offer custom page design, tweet creation, posting services and more!
  • Blogging: This social media method is perhaps the most time consuming. Updating your target audience, fans and consumers with frequent news and information about your company and industry is critical in developing relationships and creating trust between you and your customers. Frequent blogging also helps your company establish itself as a leading resource and expert in your industry. can create a custom blog for you that will be frequently updated, interlinked with your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and more.

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Creating, updating and managing multiple social media accounts takes a lot of time. To develop and implement a proper social media marketing campaign requires more than one person; it requires a team of professional marketing experts dedicated to your success in Albuquerque.

At, we are the team of professional marketing experts you need to effectively expose your company’s products and services to Albuquerque and the rest of the world. From copywriters to web designers, our Albuquerque SEO & marketing team is ready and committed to developing a strategy that will establish you as an expert in your field, cultivate relationships with your target consumers and boost your bottom line. Contact us for an initial consultation today.