Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. You can’t take a “set it and forget it” approach to developing a website – you must constantly monitor your site’s performance and make changes to keep it fresh and competitive.

At, we don’t just build your site; we keep an eye on it and make changes as necessary to ensure the best results possible. This entails the following steps:

   Staying up to date on the latest design trends           

   Tracking search engine algorithm changes

   Making changes to your site to keep performance consistent   

   Ensuring site content provides valuable information to readers

Part of this process is keeping up with website design trends and updating your pages to provide up-to-date, informative content for your visitors. The other part is making changes to the SEO of your site to keep up with the shifting demand of searchers and changing algorithms of search engines.

At, we take care of the search engine analysis and monitoring for you. We don’t just build your sites: We keep an eye on them, and make changes as necessary to keep your site performing.

The Ever-Changing World of Search Engines

Search engines are dynamic. For one, search engines are constantly refining the way that they select which pages should rank. Google in particular employs very complex algorithms that take into account everything from keyword usage to links and the quality of the site’s content – and these formulas are constantly being changed.

SEO tactics that worked well a few years or even months ago may no longer be as effective. Search engine analysis to identify these trends and change SEO strategies is necessary to ensure that pages continue to rank.


Keeping Your Site Competitive

The demands of web users change over time, meaning that the terms and topics that people used to search for may no longer be popular. That’s why we run routine web traffic analysis on every page we manage: We can see whether traffic to a particular site has dropped off, and we’ll work to update the page and bring those searchers back!

Keeping an eye on your site’s performance and performing a regular web traffic analysis is a necessary part of maintaining a successful site – but you don’t have to do it yourself. Count on the experts at to handle the details for you so that you can get back to running your business. 

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