While your landscaping company must have an attractive and user-friendly website, this is really just one step in your internet marketing strategy.

There are many other factors you must consider if you want to make an impact in your industry and set yourself apart from competitors. SonicSEO.com recognizes the need for companies to create an effective internet marketing strategy.

That’s why we develop strategies to address different members of your target audience, which keeps messaging personal. We also perform research to identify which audience is the most profitable when it comes to sales conversions. Locating your target demographic is not always as easy as you think.

Addressing Differences Among Customer Searches

Your customers should be at the center of all you do. Additionally, your customers are not uniform across the board, even if you have a target market in mind. People conduct online searches differently, even when they’re looking for the same services. Addressing these differences allows you to better connect with consumers on an individual level.

This can be accomplished by creating different buyer personas. A buyer persona is a combination of many factors, including demographic considerations, personal characteristics, and motivations. These factors help create a blueprint of a perspective customer, and this blueprint is then used to craft content and marketing approaches. For example, your approach to an elderly retired man who lives alone will be different than one geared to a young mother with a large family.

How to Create Marketing Personas That Resonate

While the concept of buyer personas is relatively easy to understand, crafting content using this method can be complex. That’s why we develop buyer personas for our clients using the following process:

  • Identify Important Characteristics – Not all characteristics are relevant to creating a marketing persona for your audience. We focus on those that directly relate to your business, such as a person’s level of pride in their home or spending behaviors.
  • Ask Questions – Why might a person reach out to your company for landscaping services? What would make them go with a competitor? What would compel them to choose your service? These are some sample questions we might ask when developing a marketing persona for your company.
  • Craft Quality Content – Once the outline of a prospective buyer is in view, we’ll apply it to our content creation process. We’ll also use it to develop social media messaging across numerous platforms.

Approach Consumers from a More Personal Level

Our team at SonicSEO.com help clients develop personalized marketing strategies that break down their target audiences into distinct segments. From here, content creation and web design will be conducted with these audiences in mind so you can make the biggest impact on those most likely to visit your landscaping business’s website. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in establishing a more effective online presence.

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