Social Media Marketing Services

You’ve heard the buzz—social media marketing is where it’s at. But how do you effectively utilize social media to engage with people in a way that enhances your bottom line? A successful social media marketing campaign requires:

  • strategic planning
  • an understanding of how people interact with businesses through social media
  • constant maintenance
  • carefully crafted messages that resonate with your target audience.

When properly executed, a social media marketing campaign can help you build your brand while cultivating customer loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals—the very best kind of advertising you can get!

If you’re ready to take your Albuquerque business marketing to the next level with social media marketing but don’t know where to begin, contact offers complete social media management services that focus on the unique needs of your business.

What do we mean by Social Media?

Social Media marketingSocial media includes anything that involves your company interacting with your clients, and potential clients, online. The most results-driven social media platforms include: Facebook, Twitter and blogging.

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, social media is about personal connection. It’s about engaging with your target audience in a way that makes them feel invested in your business—like they’re a part of it. And that’s what makes it so effective. By creating relationships with your target audience, you’re not just trying to sell a product or provide a service, you’re trying to make people’s lives better through a trusted partnership.

What Sonic SEO Does helps you create lasting relationships with clients by engaging your target audience through social media marketing. We begin by developing a strategic Internet marketing plan that is customized for your business. Then, a designated account representative implements the developed plan and maintains your social media accounts for optimal Return on Investment. offers strategic planning, creation and maintenance for your professional accounts with all of the most popular social media forums, including:

Facebook Business Page

Facebook has become one of the most effective social mediums on the Internet today with over 750 million active users. Having visibility for your business on Facebook not only expands your client base, but can also work with your SEO to help your business listing reach the top of search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Sure, anyone can open a Facebook account and post updates. But, without strategic and thoughtful posts, yours will get lost in the shuffle.

When is managing your Facebook account, you get a plan that will ensure the right message is posted at the right time. Additionally, by being able to post carefully selected photos and videos to your page, you allow your clients to get to know your business on a more personal level.

By hiring for Facebook marketing services, you will get superior services that include:

  • Account Setup
  • Regular Updates ranging from twice a week to twice a day depending on your needs
  • Logo Customization
  • Continuous Friend Updating
  • And Much More!
Click here to learn how can help you get more clients through social media marketing or Call 1-888-437-3737 for a free consultation!

Twitter social media managementTwitter Management Service

Though Twitter has fewer features than Facebook, it is home to over 270 million active users and can get important messages to your followers in an instant! Twitter is designed for the busy online-user whose reading style is to quickly browse. With an artfully crafted 2-3 sentence update, your followers will always know what’s new with your business and any promotions you are running.

In order to retain followers, you must consistently tweet valuable and concise pieces of information about your business—this is vital for maintaining an active and popular Twitter account. And, by tweeting information that is relevant and useful for your clients, you will gain more followers who are interested in that information, and ultimately more clients.

It can be very difficult to stay current, concise and informative when tweeting. But, not to worry— will do that for you!

The premier services offered by for Twitter include:

  • Account Setup
  • Regular “Tweets” with up to 15 per week
  • Custom Made Backgrounds
  • Continuous Follower Updating
  • And Much More!


Google+ is an important part of any business’s social media marketing strategy.  Effective Google+marketing  builds visibility and reputation for your business web site.

With over 1 billion registered users, Google+ is coming on strong as one of the most effective social media marketing platforms.


blogging serviceCorporate Blogging Service

Blogging can be one of the most time-intensive social media platforms to maintain; it can also be one of the best marketing tools for your business!
When your company writes blogs that are relevant to your industry and helpful to your followers, your fan base will grow quickly. By having a consistent and helpful blog, your business develops an authoritative voice in your industry. This voice allows you to gain a reputation as an established and reliable company in the community because of your expertise and sharing of information.

By hiring to do your blogging, you will receive paramount services that include:

  • A Custom Blog to Match your Website Design
  • Integration among your Blog, Facebook and Twitter
  • Regular Blog Posts
  • Interlinking your Blog Posts with your Website
  • And Much More!

Get the Very Best Social Media Marketing Services with

At, we understand that maintaining multiple social media accounts can be a full-time job! That is why we will assign a dedicated account representative to effectively create, manage and track the efficacy of your accounts for you. We know you’re an expert in what you do—let us be the experts in what we do and deliver the results you need to expand your client base through social media marketing.

When coupled with Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing can increase your online visibility and business potential exponentially! Call 888-437-3737 for Albuquerque social media marketing services.