iOS App Development

Once you’ve developed a user-friendly and engaging mobile application, you’ll need to submit it to app stores to ensure optimum visibility. If you want your app to be used on iPhones, which an estimated one billion people worldwide currently own, you must place it in the iOS App Store.

Of course, the process is more complex than simply submitting your app for review. You need a team of experts who have the proper experience to build your mobile application and market it effectively. And that’s just where comes in.

App Store Requirements to Consider

All app stores have certain requirements that you must meet in order for your mobile application to be accepted. When it comes to the iOS store, Apple uses the following five factors when reviewing submissions:

  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Business
  • Design
  • Legal

Satisfying the requirements for each factor is essential to getting your app accepted by the App Store. Additionally, each factor contains detailed criteria that must be met, which illustrates how complex the development process can truly be.

Why Expert Assistance Is So Crucial

When creating your mobile application, our developers will ensure that it offers a user-friendly experience. We’ll include the essential features that your customers demand, such as things like push notifications and integration with your social media pages. We’ll also make sure that the design and layout matches your other online channels for easy brand recognition.

Once the app has been created, we’ll begin building your App Store listing. This process is extremely important, as optimized apps have a much better chance of reaching a wide audience. Our team will meticulously create a title, description, and other elements with optimization in mind. Because it can take some time for apps to gain traction in the App Store, we’ll also promote it on other marketing channels, including your website and social media pages.

Where to Turn for iOS App Development and Optimization

In addition to our many SEO services, our team of designers and developers can also help you achieve success with your mobile application. Contact today to discuss your needs and begin building your very own business app.

Would you like to discuss our app development process for iOS? If so, please contact us today or call 505-821-2000 for more information.

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