Which Elements Make a Good Website?

In either case, the quality of your website is an integral factor in making your business a success. Your site must have a high position in search results, which ensures more people are able to find it easily. However, it must also offer a pleasing user experience to keep them engaged. Here are a few of the essential elements of a successful website.  

Seamless Navigation & Layout 

Web design varies from business to business. Some sites might use colorful logos and graphics while others choose more subdued design themes to suit their image. All websites must provide optimal function, however, or visitors can become frustrated. Navigation from page to page should be intuitive, while the layout should be clean and easy to understand. Not only is a cluttered layout hard to read, it also makes a site look less professional.  

Valuable Content 

While your website is a way for you to promote your business, you can also use it in other ways. Your website can be a source of information to your customers when you post helpful how-to articles or videos. It can also establish you as an authority when it comes to your business or industry. Content can contain promotional elements, such as calls to action, but should be designed to serve a larger purpose.  

Enhanced Security 

While most people are willing to make purchases online these days, many shoppers are diligent about security. When visitors perceive diminished security during checkout, they’re more likely to abandon their purchases before providing their information. Installing a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate keeps information secure when a customer is checking out. It may also improve your site’s page rank, since search engines rank sites with encryption higher because they’re more secure. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Along with security, search engines look at many factors when ranking sites. SEO ensures your website meets pertinent search engine criteria, which boosts your its rank and visibility within search results. Many different parts of your website can be optimized for search engines. SEO principles can be applied to titles, calls to action, images, content, and links to enhance your rank.  

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