The Pros and Cons of Search Equity: What Marketers Need to Know

In order for business websites to get found online, they must achieve high placement in search results pages. That’s the purpose of search engine optimization, which is a set of practices that help websites reach the top of the search results and get noticed by more potential customers.

In an ongoing effort to elevate the experience of users, Google may be pushing towards improved search equity online. Here’s what that means and what it might look like should Google relax technical requirements regarding SEO and search rank.

What Is Search Equity?

Right now, business owners and marketers must use proven SEO practices to ensure good placement on results pages. Choosing the right keywords, avoiding content duplication, taking advantage of backlinks, and other techniques can improve a website’s search rank over time.

Search equity would remove the need for some of these practices and prioritize the experience a webpage offers users. For example, an informative and entertaining page that lacked technical features could still receive high placement on search results pages simply because it contained quality content.

What Benefits and Disadvantages Would Search Equity Offer?

While it remains to be seen how aggressive Google will be with its search equity initiative, finding it easier to rank high on search engines could have positives and negatives:

Pros of Search Equity

  • New business owners could get attention on search results pages quickly
  • Quality content would take center stage and offer more value to readers
  • Businesses will find it easier to stand out against local competitors

Cons of Search Equity

  • Businesses and marketers will lack access to concrete techniques proven to affect search rank
  • Not all businesses can easily create quality content on their own
  • Businesses that offer niche products or services may find it hard to achieve a high search rank

It’s unlikely that SEO practices will become irrelevant any time soon. However, Google’s desire to make the internet a more equitable place when it comes to search results highlights the importance of content quality.

The search engine giant recommends that content is designed with E-E-A-T in mind, meaning Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Google reviews sites to determine whether they meet its criteria, and those that do enjoy a higher search rank and offer greater user satisfaction.

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