What Makes Search Engine Marketing different than Traditional Marketing?

Getting the most bang for your advertising buck is essential to any business. While traditional forms of marketing, like television, radio, newspapers and magazines, promise businesses that their ad will be seen by a certain volume of people, these traditional mediums generally cannot promise that your ad will be seen by people that are actually looking for what you have to offer. With today’s technology, businesses can now attract customers in ways once never imagined.

Below are several ways that search engine marketing differs from traditional marketing:

Targeted Traffic

While traditional marketing mediums target the masses, search engine marketing targets people who are already looking for your services. By tracking the online search patterns of your target audience, search engine marketing can create an effective plan to position your Web site for maximum online success. As more and more people turn to the Internet to find goods and services, search engine marketing aims to put your business within easy reach of people who need what you provide. In that sense, search engine marketing can not only increase the number of visitors who view your site, but the quality of those visitors.

Measureable Results

Traditional marketing methods are generally not easy to track. You put out your Yellow Pages ad or broadcast a television commercial and then wait for the calls to start coming in. But how do you know if your marketing efforts are a success or not? Many businesses use surveys to learn how their clients heard about them or try to keep their own tally of ad conversion rates. This is often ineffective and cumbersome.

Search engine marketing produces highly measureable results that allow you to easily track your return on investment (ROI). With sophisticated software, search engine marketing allows you to accurately track conversion rates, monitor how many unique visitors come to your site and assess how people interact with your site once they’re there.

Dynamic User Interface

Traditional marketing is static. Once the ad is produced, it cannot be changed easily. Additionally, an ad can only speak one message in one way, and hope it’s the message the majority of potential clients want to hear, see, or read. Internet marketing, on the other hand, allows you to present your message in multiple ways to reach the variety of people who will find your site. It is easy to try new things on a Web site without investing too much capital, and it’s easy to change a Web site on a moment’s notice to better meet consumer needs. Furthermore, visitors to your Web site have the freedom to browse the sections that are most important to them.

Level Playing Field

Recent studies show that people use generic search terms when looking for products online. That means people generally do not type in brand names when using search engines to find products. This levels the playing field between large, powerhouse companies and smaller companies that are competing for the same business.

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