What Is Responsive Design and Why Does My Site Need It?

User experience is a major consideration these days. With so many people browsing the internet when in search of products and services, and with so many different devices used to view the internet, websites must provide the best possible experience in all situations.

That’s where responsive design comes in. Responsive design refers to sites that offer a great appearance and optimum function, whether you’re viewing them on a laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet, or other device.

Keep in mind that a glitchy or slow site can deter visitors from learning more about what you have to offer. It can also drive them directly to your competitors, thereby losing you revenue. If you’re still not convinced, here are a few of the many benefits responsive web design can afford your business.

Enhanced Conversion Rates

Conversion rates refer to the rate of visitors who become paying customers. Their first interaction is likely to be your business’s website, and they’re likely to use a mobile device during that interaction. If a user cannot find pertinent information, runs into roadblocks when using shopping carts, or experiences lags and delays, your conversion rate is naturally going to suffer.

On the other hand, if users are privy to a smooth and seamless experience, they are more likely to make a purchase. In this case, responsive design offers practical benefits since users will have the ability to find information to make purchases. They’ll also be able to complete purchases without any snags.

Improved Reputation

Your website doesn’t only offer an efficient way to purchase goods and schedule services. It also creates an impression of your brand and its reputation. A poor appearance or unsatisfactory performance can impact your reputation negatively, as visitors may assume you’re careless in other aspects.

A well-functioning website also boosts your authority when it comes to your business and the industry it operates in. There’s a very strong correlation between the function of a website and whether a business can be considered trustworthy, and trustworthiness is a major component of attracting consumers to your brand. Better function means better reputation, which means greater appeal to customers.

Greater User Satisfaction

Finally, a site that offers a quality experience across all channels also ensures users remain consistently satisfied. Websites are much like virtual storefronts these days, and like physical locations they must meet and exceed the expectations of your customers. If a customer has a quality experience at one location, but visits another and is dissatisfied, they’re likely to form a poor opinion of your business as a whole.

The same unfortunate outcome will occur if a customer has different experiences when viewing your site on different devices. Consistency is key when it comes to user satisfaction, and responsiveness ensures your brand remains consistently satisfying no matter how it’s interacted with.

Among the many other services we offer at SonicSEO.com, we also provide responsive website design to our clients. With our assistance, your site will enjoy a higher volume of visitors, as well as better engagement to help turn them into paying customers.