What Is Omnichannel Marketing?

As a business owner, you already know how crucial it is to establish your brand across numerous channels. However, it’s equally important to ensure those channels are offering a consistent experience to consumers.

People these days expect their online brand experiences to be above reproach and are quick to take their business elsewhere when their high expectations are not met. When polled, 90% of people expect their user experience to be consistent across all channels when interacting with the brands they love. This is precisely what an omnichannel marketing approach offers businesses.

Omnichannel vs. Multichannel

While there is some overlap between the two, multichannel marketing refers to the strategy that many businesses already have in place. Multichannel entails having a website, a presence on social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, a stand-alone blog, informational videos, email marketing campaign, etc. While essential from a marketing standpoint, these multiple channels don’t work as a cohesive unit or offer a uniform user experience across the board.

In contrast, omnichannel marketing aligns all platforms and websites to create an unmatched customer experience. Marketing channels are all fully integrated in terms of look and function, as well as messaging. This cohesion highlights the unique and appealing aspects of your brand, while also ensuring your customers are completely satisfied, no matter how they choose to interact with your business.

Benefits of the Omnichannel Approach

There’s no denying the effectiveness of omnichannel marketing campaigns. Consider these compelling statistics:

  • Consumers who interact with brands that adopt the omnichannel approach typically spend 10% more when making purchases.
  • Businesses that use omnichannel marketing have an 89% retention rate.
  • In terms of successfully meeting financial goals, 50% of marketers who use omnichannel are successful in achieving goals.

This marketing strategy also offers some surprising benefits. While analytics info from each channel is beneficial for assessing user behavior and habits, combining info from multiple channels affords even more valuable information.

Integrated marketing analytics can help you fine-tune your strategies for the greatest possible effect. It also allows you to develop new strategies that you might not have considered previously without essential information about your customers.

We’re Your Omnichannel Gurus

SonicSEO.com is already fully committed to the omnichannel approach. We recognize the value of a cohesive marketing strategy, which is why we ensure your brand identity is consistent across all channels, from Facebook to paid ads. If you’d like to expand your reach to even more channels, lets chat today.