Why Your Website Must Be Integrated with Your Point of Sale System

Having a reliable eCommerce site is more important than ever these days. Many customers prefer shopping for goods online, both for convenience and to keep themselves safe amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. Point of sale (POS) systems are equally important for in-store shopping, but you’ll get the biggest benefits when these systems are seamlessly integrated.

Systems integration offers numerous benefits to business owners. It can make tedious processes easier on your staff, while also providing insight into the cash flowing into and out of your business. If your financial systems and eCommerce site aren’t currently integrated, here are a few reasons why they should be.

Minimize Errors Due to Manual Entry

Even the most fastidious staff member is bound to make mistakes from time to time. Mistakes are most likely when entering massive amounts of data into a system, whether you are entering online orders into your POS system or moving inventory from one place to another. Integrated systems allow you to automate many manual processes for better accuracy and timeliness. Instead of inputting information, it will be transferred from one system to another. This also saves time for you and your staff, so you can focus on more important endeavors.

Target Promotions More Effectively

Understanding your customers’ buying preferences is key when developing promotions. There’s a lot of information within your POS system as well as on your eCommerce site, and your marketing will be the most powerful when this information is integrated. For instance, you can aim certain promotions at multi-channel customers, i.e. those who shop online and in-store. These customers are ideal targets for email marketing campaigns, which can be personalized to their specific preferences. Preferences can include the types of products they buy, how much they typically spend, and how often they patronize your store or website.

Make Order Filling and Returns More Efficient

The faster you can fulfill customer orders, the more satisfied they’ll be. With integration, it’s possible to fulfill an online order in-store, which the customer can pick up immediately. Integration also makes it possible for customers to return or exchange an item purchased online or in-store. Curbside retail is becoming the norm, and most customers prefer placing their order via a website as opposed to calling the store directly to place their order. This also takes some of the pressure off your staff. Instead of fielding phone calls and taking down information, all of the order details will be provided instantly.

Let’s Discuss Systems Integration

Here at SonicSEO.com, we pride ourselves on being able to solve problems for our clients. One major problem we’ve recognized recently is inefficient systems, including accounting and POS systems, that don’t communicate with one another.

We can help you locate the right systems for your needs, as well as take the proper steps to ensure these systems all communicate seamlessly. Let us know your thoughts about your current setup so we can develop an effective solution to save you time and money.