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As of 2014, more people access the Internet through mobile devices like smart phones and tablets than do through standard computers*.

From a site owner’s perspective, this raises some unique challenges.

The huge variety of screen sizes and shapes across the many mobile devices on the market today can have a serious impact on web design choices. What looks good on one screen may be unreadable on another – and every person who turns away from a difficult-to-navigate site is a lost potential customer. This is why SonicSeo.com offers responsive web design services for all of our clients.

What is Responsive Web Development?

Responsive web design adapts to the device it’s viewed upon. A standard website will have set features like page width and image size. These may be optimized to look great on screens of a particular size, but they can make the site impossible to navigate on a different device. Images may be too big or the site too wide to view all at once on a tablet screen, or text might be too small to be legible on a smart phone.

Responsive web design avoids these problems by creating site layouts that are fluid and can change depending on the device used to view them. This ensures that no matter what device a person is using to view your site, they will see the most optimized and easy-to-navigate view.

Count on Professionals

Despite its importance, responsive web development is a fairly new technology, and it takes skill and experience to implement effectively. Instead of struggling to master this yourself – or relying on a handful of boring templates – hire the experts at SonicSEO.com to handle your web design needs.

We can work with you to create a unique design that fits your exact vision and goals for your company, without surrendering its functionality and responsiveness.

Contact us today to learn more about our available web design and SEO packages or for a free consultation with one of our team members!


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