Web Design Trends to Watch in 2022

2022 will be here before you know it, which means it’s time for a re-assessment of your business’s website. While web design trends can change rapidly during the course of the year, many digital marketers are anticipating a major sea change in 2022. Here are a few of the trends on the horizon and how you can incorporate them into your design.

Simplified Design

Website design entails functional considerations, but aesthetics are equally important. While in the past the goal was to pack as much information as possible into a web page, designers these days are taking a simplified approach. Instead of cluttering pages with lots of text and bold colors, ample white space and subdued tones are becoming more and more common. Messaging is also becoming simplified, focusing on essential points as opposed to offering long-winded explanations and descriptions.


Micro-interactions are interactive web elements intended to enhance engagement and improve the user experience. For example, many mobile-friendly websites use swiping instead of tapping to navigate between menus and pages. Micro-interactions can also include animations. In this case, an animation can demonstrate the proper steps to something, such as signing into an account. They can also be used to entice and delight the user, similar to the playable graphics often found on Google’s homepage. Other examples of micro-interactions include dynamic calls to action, proactive data input, and system information updates.

Wholesome Content

Perhaps in response to the uncertain state of the world, there has been a shift online towards more wholesome content. Users want to be supported and they want to support others through positivity and encouragement. These values must be reflected in your content, which should focus on the positive aspects of your business. Use upbeat language when discussing challenges and emphasize how grateful you are for all the people who patronize your business.

Enhanced Accessibility

Users approach websites from many diverse perspectives. For differently abled people, accessibility is crucial. That’s why designers are including accessibility features like font scaling, dark mode, and text-to-speech. These features allow users to customize their web experience to offer the most value based on their needs. They also show that your business is concerned with being inclusive, which makes a favorable impact on all your users, regardless of their needs.

SonicSEO.com remains on the cutting edge of web design trends, but we also know which proven practices must be employed when designing a site. We’ll make sure your site offers the experience users demand, while also presenting a fresh and dynamic perspective. Contact us today to discuss the future of web design.