How to Tell It’s Time to Update Your Website

All businesses must have a website to best serve their customers. In addition to providing easy access to your goods and services, a website also serves as your business’s home online. As a result, it must look and function optimally to offer the best possible experience to users. The following are a few factors that signal now might be the perfect time to overhaul your website for an improved result.

The Design Appears Outdated

An outdated website can signal to users that your business is also behind the times. Certain graphics and menus can make the site appear confusing or cluttered, in addition to decreasing load times. In the same respect, bright, loud colors may be unpleasant to users and also indicate that it’s been quite a few years since the site has been updated. If you’re not sure whether your website’s look is up to par, check out some similar sites to see how it compares.

Your Site Lacks Sufficient Branding

Branding allows consumers to easily identify your business and what it offers to the public. Along with logos, branding can entail certain types of content, specific color schemes, taglines, and other aspects that are unique to your business. All your online channels should be sufficiently branded to have the positive impact on users. If you find that your website is indistinguishable from your competitors, or that it lacks certain key characteristics, your branding approach may be lacking.

Users Find It Hard to Navigate

Along with the appearance of your site, its layout must also be easy for users to navigate. Cluttered pages, confusing menus, and hard-to-find information can detract from the user experience. In addition to lowering your rank in search results, a poor user experience can also drive potential customers away and lead them directly to your competitors. You can determine whether users are leaving your website quickly by evaluating the session duration, which is the amount of time spent on the site. Short session durations usually mean an update is in order.

When the time comes for a website update, rest assured that is poised and ready to help. Our skilled team of web designers can evaluate your current site and make suggestions to update its look and function. We’ll also ensure your site fully optimized for mobile viewing to ensure your customers are satisfied. Reach out to us today to learn more.