Tips on Targeting High-Demand Keywords

Search ranking is a key factor in the success of your business’s website. The goal for all sites is to reach the first few entries on the first page of search results to ensure you’re as visible as possible to potential customers. Targeting high-demand keywords can help you increase your ranking, provided you use the proper techniques and tactics.

Target Low-Demand Keywords First

The more in-demand a keyword is, the harder it will be to rank for it. Because there’s more competition for more popular keywords, it can take months to improve your site’s ranking using them. While high-demand keywords should still be targeted, also targeting low-demand keywords helps improve your ranking for those terms and phrases at a much faster pace. When your site gains traction with these keywords, you can effectively target different segments of your audience.

Don’t Rely on Personal Search Results Alone

When performing a search of relevant keywords from your own laptop or mobile device, the results can be deceiving. Your search results are based on personal factors, including your previous search history. Others may receive wildly different results based on their own search histories, so it’s important to dig a little deeper when performing keyword searches. An easy exercise is to ask multiple people to perform the same search from their devices and compare results. You can also use a keyword ranking tool to drill down further.

Perform Diligent Research on Target Keywords

Different high-demand keywords will have different ranking requirements. For example, some search queries perform well when they’re featured on a page with numerous high-quality links. In this case, you would need to improve the links on your website in order to compete. Other keywords may perform well on pages that are heavy on information.

Much like the name suggests, informational pages are those that contain useful information to educate the reader. If the keyword you’re targeting seems to rank the highest when included on informational pages, you’ll need to revamp your pages to ensure they too are categorized as informational. Provide useful, factual information within page content to increase the reader’s awareness of a certain topic. When using keywords, make sure they’re used naturally and organically.

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